Brian Rabern

Visiting Edinburgh Professor

Brian Rabern is Lecturer in philosophy at the University of Edinburgh. His main research interests center around philosophy of language, logic, and formal semantics. He earned his Ph.D. in philosophy at the Australian National University. His dissertation project was on issues at the foundations of natural language semantics concerning compositional semantics, assertoric content, and context-dependence. He is also interested in various traditional philosophical problems, and spends time thinking about puzzles and paradoxes having to do with truth, time, knowledge, and minds. This Summer Term (2017) at Dartmouth, he will be teaching PHIL 45, Paradoxes and Puzzles, at the 10A Hour.

Curriculum Vitae Personal Website
B.A. University of Oregon, 2002
M.A. University of Colorado, 2004
Ph.D. The Australian National University, 2012