Philosophy Alums on Postdoctoral Education & Electoral College

"Our country must appreciate the value of postdoctoral education and do more to ensure that it flourishes," writes David Silbersweig '82, a Philosophy major who is now chair of the Department of Psychiatry and co-director of the Institute for the Neurosciences at Brigham and Women’s Hospital as well as Stanley Cobb Professor of Psychiatry and an academic dean at Harvard Medical School, in a recent opinion piece in Higher Ed Today.

David S. Cohen, another Dartmouth Philosophy major, now a law professor at Drexel University's Thomas R. Kline School of Law, where he teaches constitutional law and gender and the law, writes of the role of the Electoral College in two recent articles, in Rolling Stone ("Will Electors Vote Their Conscience and Stop Trump?") and in the New York Times ("Buck Up, Democrats, and Fight Like Republicans," written with senior Slate editor Dahlia Lithwick).

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