Asya J. Passinsky

|Lecturer in Philosophy

I work primarily in metaphysics and social philosophy. I also have research and teaching interests in feminist philosophy and the philosophy of social science. Topics that I work on include the metaphysics of social objects, grounding and essence in the social realm, social construction, feminist metaphysics, and the nature of money.


HB 6036


  • B.A. University of California, Berkeley, 2007
  • BPhil. University of Oxford, 2010
  • Ph.D. New York University, 2016

Selected Publications

  • "Social Objects, Response-Dependence, and Realism," Journal of the American Philosophical Association (forthcoming). 

  • "Social Entities," Routledge Handbook of Metaphysical Grounding, ed. Michael J. Raven (forthcoming), Routledge.  

  • "Finean Feminist Metaphysics," Inquiry (2019), doi: 10.1080/0020174X.2019.1669984. 

  • “Daniel Z. Korman, Objects: Nothing Out of the Ordinary,” Philosophical Review 128 (2019), 241–245.