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  • David Brion Davis '50 receives National Humanities Medal

    Historian David Brion Davis ’50 (Philosophy), whose career has focused on exploring the problem of slavery in the development of the modern world, was awarded the 2013 National Humanities Medal by President Barack Obama in a White House ceremony “for reshaping our understanding of history.”

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  • ‘Mommy Wars’ Redux: A False Conflict

    In an opinion piece written for The New York Times, Amy Allen, Parents Distinguished Research Professor in the Humanities and chair of the Department of Philosophy, speaks to what she identifies as a recent “flare-up” in the “mommy wars,”

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Recent Publications

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  • Inquiry without names in Plato's Cratylus

    Christine J. Thomas

    Journal of the History of Philosophy, 2008

  • Some practical implications of a sample of practical Turing tests

    James H. Moor, Kevin Warwick, Huma Shah

    Minds and Machines, 2013

  • On time and the dichotomy in Leibniz

    Samuel Levey

    Studia Leibnitiana, 2012