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The University of Edinburgh hosts the Philosophy FSP alternating fall terms (even-numbered years). It is one of Great Britain's finest universities, with a diverse and distinguished faculty. Participants take a seminar with the Dartmouth faculty director and two other courses with Edinburgh professors. All courses count toward a philosophy major or minor. See below for more information. Applications are available online!

Program Information

The University of Edinburgh was established in 1583 and played an important role in the eighteenth-century Scottish Enlightenment. David Hume was a student there, and lifelong resident of Edinburgh. He is considered the most important Anglophone philosopher in history, whose influence is felt even today. Students have the chance to learn about Hume, the Scottish Enlightenment, and the way it has shaped the contemporary world while living in Hume's home town.

Today, Edinburgh's world-class department includes over thirty people whose research spans the history of the field and most contemporary subdisciplines. Students take two courses of their choosing with Edinburgh faculty, and one Dartmouth-only seminar with the faculty director. In addition all participants have the opportunity to complete Junior Honors. All courses taken in Edinburgh count toward a philosophy major or minor, and they appear on the transcript as Philosophy 50, 60, and 61. Students can petition the department to have specific courses count toward major/minor distribution requirements.  

Outside of the classroom, participants learn a lot from their fellow undergraduates, who hail from across the United Kingdom and Europe. The Edinburgh Philosophy Society, founded in 1871, is one of the oldest, largest, and best-funded undergraduate philosophy organizations in the world. It hosts many lectures each term, often by world leaders in their fields, in addition to discussion groups on many topics. The Dartmouth faculty director also organizes activities ranging from theater and music performances to museum visits, trips, and dinners that acquaint students with contemporary Scottish life and Edinburgh's history. A large university in an urban setting, Edinburgh also boasts an impressive range of student clubs, all of which are open to Dartmouth visitors.

Typically, a member of the Edinburgh philosophy department offers a course at Dartmouth in the summer term. Students going to Edinburgh often take this course. The Edinburgh faculty member also participates in summer orientation activities and serves as an advisor to students when they are in Edinburgh that fall.

Students interested in participating in the Philosophy FSP should contact the faculty director with any questions, and apply online at the Guarini Institute's website.

Prerequisites: FSP participants must complete at least two courses in philosophy at Dartmouth prior to the program, but not necessarily prior to applying. Students must have a 3.0 Dartmouth gpa by the end of the spring term before they participate.

Enrollment: Limited to 15 students

Program Dates: Biennial Fall terms, even-numbered years

Living Accommodations: Participants live with other Edinburgh students in university-owned flats.


PHIL 50: Dartmouth-only seminar taught by the faculty director

PHIL 60: Philosophy course taught by University of Edinburgh faculty

PHIL 61: Philosophy course taught by University of Edinburgh faculty

2022 Fall Faculty Director

Dartmouth Faculty Director Course

2022 Fall Faculty Director: Professor John Kulvicki

PHIL 50.34: Experiencing Time

Perplexity about the nature of time has evolved in lock step with worries about temporal experience. Somehow, we experience time passing, we differentiate now from later and before, and we do all of this while passing through time. Experience of time can be a window onto time itself, but that window might be muddy. Perhaps we fail to understand time because of how we experience it, or perhaps the best way to understand time is to attend to how we experience it.

2024 Fall Faculty Director

Dartmouth Faculty Director Course

2024 Fall Term Faculty Director: Professor Christine Thomas

PHIL 50.xy: tba

Course description: tba