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  • You Are Here: A Maps Workshop

    Thursday, Janary 9, Haldeman 246, 9am - 6pm: This interdisciplinary workshop explores how we locate ourselves in maps and why that is important.

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  • Brad Carney '20: From US Army Ranger to Philosophy Major

    After serving two tours in Iraq, Brad Carney '20 came to Dartmouth, where he became president of the Dartmouth Undergraduate Veterans Association and a Philosophy major, where, he feels, he has come to a deeper understanding of himself and his place in a global society. Thank you for your service, Brad!

  • "Practical Reason, Not As Such"

    Congratulations to Professor Kenny Walden, whose 'Practical Reason, Not As Such' has been selected by the Philosophers' Annual as one of the 10 best papers published in philosophy in 2018!

  • Quantum Indeterminacy Workshop

    Does quantum mechanics require genuine indeterminacy in the world, and if so, how do we understand that indeterminacy? Join the discussion at this workshop, July 12-13.

  • Truth, Power, and the Foundations of Democracy

    What role should truth have in a just and democratic society? How important are claims to truth for resisting unjust social practices? Can democracies effectively handle problems related to misinformation and limited information? Register to join the conversation, here.

  • Interview with Amie Thomasson

    Dartmouth News interviewed Professor Amie Thomasson, recently named one of the 50 most influential living philosophers, about the nature of existence, why philosophy still matters, and what famous philosophers from history she’d invite to a dinner party.

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  • Morality, Agency, and Other People

    Kenneth Walden

    Ergo, vol. 5 no. 3 (2018)

  • Toward a Formal Analysis of Deceptive Signaling

    Peter J. Lewis, Don Fallis

    Synthese (2017)

  • Free Speech in the Digital Age

    Susan J. Brison, Katharine Gelber, eds.

    Oxford University Press, 2019

  • Presocratics and Sophists

    Christine J. Thomas

    Sourcebook in the History of Philosophy of Language, 2017