Using Philosophy to Bring About a Better World

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Susan Brison asks big questions about technology and society.

Susan Brison sitting in front of bookshelves

(Video by Chris Johnson)

As the inaugural director of the Susan and James Wright Center for the Study of Computation and Just Communities, philosophy professor Susan Brison is charting an important interdisciplinary course at Dartmouth, which has a history of innovation in computers and artificial intelligence.

She’s also asking probing questions, such as what should technology be doing and should we be moving in a particular direction.

“I’m particularly interested in working with Dartmouth students who are computer science majors or engineering majors, who are asking to be more aware of the social context of the technologies that they’re studying, and that they, when they graduate from Dartmouth, are going to be developing,” Brison says.

Above all, she notes, collaboration between scientists and colleagues in the humanities is a critical part of finding answers.