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  • This spring term, Professor Rosenkoetter will offer an introductory level course that focuses on the British Empiricists. Their thoughts about perception, consciousness, and our place in the world inform the way we understand ourselves today. The course will run concurrently with the intermediate-level course Phil14. Students can enroll in either one and will receive credit based on assignments geared toward intermediate or introductory level students.

    Here is the description from the...

  • Last year, the Philosophy Department rolled out a new curriculum! Our overall goal is to offer a wider array of courses and to give students the opportunity to work more closely with professors. Here are the highlights. Click on the Curriculum tab for more information or just email one of the faculty members in our department for more information. We're a friendly bunch!


    Smaller Classes

    We have capped all introductory classes at 30 students, and all intermediate...

  • The "Voices in the Wilderness" section of the March-April 2015 issue of the Dartmouth Alumni Magazine features the work of Katherine Céspedes '10, who majored in Philosophy, with a focus on ethics, at Dartmouth and is now project manager at the nonprofit Confucius Institute. In her profile of Céspedes, Rianna P. Starheim '14 writes: "A gap year working with under-resourced students in Miami before her senior year at Dartmouth set Céspedes on the path to philanthropy. the...

  • Professor Adina Roskies will be convening a meeting of the Moral Psychology Research Group here at Dartmouth College on April 24, 25, and 26. The meeting will open with a keynote address, on Friday, April 24 (open to the public) and then will continue with sessions all day on Saturday and on Sunday morning. For more information, contact Professor Roskies at [email protected].

  • Professor Susan Brison will direct our next FSP in Edinburgh, Scotland. Check out the Foreign Study link for more information, and to apply online. Applications are due February 1. Participants will take a seminar with Prof. Brison, and two other philosophy courses offered by the excellent and diverse faculty of the University of Edinburgh. Edinburgh is a gem of a city and the home town of David Hume. Meet students from across Britain and Europe, and participate in the rich life of Scotland'...

  • Historian David Brion Davis ’50 (Philosophy), whose career has focused on exploring the problem of slavery in the development of the modern world, was awarded the 2013 National Humanities Medal by President Barack Obama in a White House ceremony on Monday, July 28, “for reshaping our understanding of history.” Read more in Dartmouth Now.

  • The 2014 Critical Theory Roundtable, convened by Professor Amy Allen, will be held September 19-21 at Dartmouth College. The roundtable features a keynote address by Axel Honneth (University of Frankfurt/Columbia University) - "The Idea of Social Freedom: On the Intellectual Roots of Socialism" - as well as lectures by philosophers and other scholars from around the...

  • Professor Kallestrup specializes in epistemology and the philosophy of language and mind. He will be teaching a course, "Are meanings in the head?" which relates to his recent book Semantic Externalism (Routledge, 2011). Each year, the philosophy department hosts a visitor from the University of Edinburgh, which has one of the top philosophy programs in the UK. Students participating in our FSP get to meet one of their Edinburgh professors as they prepare for their fall...

  • The 45th annual meeting of the Husserl Circle, organized by Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow Smaranda Aldea, was at Dartmouth May 28-31. The program and other information can be found here.

  • “Professor Brison’s extended service in East Wheelock has come to define the best of living-learning communities at Dartmouth,” Johnson says. Read the full article, here.