David Plunkett

Associate Professor of Philosophy

Personal Website
6035 Thornton Hall
HB 6035
PhD, Philosophy, University of Michigan, 2010
AB, Social Studies, Harvard University, 2004

Selected Publications

“Antipositivist Arguments from Legal Thought and Talk: The Metalinguistic Response”, Pragmatism, Law, and Language. Ed. G. Hubbs and D. Lind. Routledge. 56-75. (2014). Co-authored with Tim Sundell.

“Dworkin’s Interpretivism and The Pragmatics of Legal Disputes”, Legal Theory. Volume 19, 242-281. (2013). Co-authored with Tim Sundell.

“Disagreement and the Semantics of Normative and Evaluative Terms”, Philosophers’ Imprint. Volume 13, 1-37. (2013). Co-authored with Tim Sundell.

“Conceptual Ethics” (I and II), Philosophy Compass. Volume 8, 1091-1011 and 1102-1110.  (2013). Co-authored with Alexis Burgess.

“Legal Positivism and the Moral Aim Thesis”, Oxford Journal of Legal Studies. Volume 33, 563-605. (2013).

“The Planning Theory of Law” (I and II), Philosophy Compass. Volume 8, 149–158 and 159-169. (2013).

“A Positivist Route for Explaining How Facts Make Law”, Legal Theory. Volume 18, 139-207. (2012).

“Expressivism, Representation, and the Nature of Conceptual Analysis”, Philosophical Studies. Volume 156, 15-31. (2011).