Philosophical Methodology and Meta-Metaphysics Workshop

Philosophical Methodology and Meta-Metaphysics

Pre-registration required. Free and open to all, space permitting.
Format: Talk (30-35min ideally, 45 min max), Comments (10min), and then Q+A

Friday, May 10, 2019

10:00 – 11:45  Karen Bennett (Rutgers)
                       comments from Vera Flocke (NYU)
                       chair: TBD

1:45-3:30  Gideon Rosen (Princeton)
                 comments from David Plunkett (Dartmouth)
                 chair: TBD

4:00-5:45  Amie Thomasson (Dartmouth)
                 comments from Lea Schroeder (Yale)
                 chair: TBD

Saturday May 11, 2019

10:00 – 11:45  Theodore Sider (Rutgers)
                        comments from Eli Hirsch (Brandeis)
                        chair: TBD

1:45-3:30  Kyle Mitchell (Cambridge)
                 comments from Billy Dunaway (UMSL)
                 chair: TBD

4:00-5:45  Selim Berker (Harvard)
                 comments from Jamie Dreier (Brown)
                 chair: TBD

Co-organized by David Plunkett and Amie Thomasson.
Co-sponsored by the Dartmouth College Philosophy Department, the Leslie Humanities Center, and the Associate Dean of the Arts and Humanities.
The workshop is free and open to all, space permitting.

Registration is required. Please register here:  (Venue location will be provided upon registration.)