James Binkoski

|Senior Lecturer
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Senior Lecturer

I work in philosophy of physics and metaphysics. Most of my research deals with issues concerning the structure of space and time and the foundations of the general theory of relativity. I also work on a broad range of topics in general philosophy of science, including the nature of evidence, laws, and explanation, the science and ethics of climate change, and the role of science with regard to public policy. As an undergraduate, I studied mathematics at Boston College. I made the transition to philosophy via an M.A. at the University of Chicago before earning a Ph.D. at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. I joined the faculty at Dartmouth in 2014.


Thornton, Room 314
HB 6035


Institute for Writing and Rhetoric, Philosophy


  • B.A. Boston College
  • M.A. University of Chicago
  • Ph.D. University of Massachusetts Amherst

Selected Publications

  • "On the Viability of Galilean Relationalism," The British Journal for the Philosophy of Science, Dec 2017, Volume 68, Number 4, pp. 1183-1204.


  • "Geometry, Fields, and Spacetime," The British Journal for the Philosophy of Science, Dec 2019, Volume 70, Number 4, pp. 1097-1117.