philosophy department Daniel P. Stone Professorship in Intellectual and Moral Philosophy

Amie Thomasson named Stone Professor in Intellectual & Moral Philosophy

Philosophy Professor Amie Thomasson has just been appointed The Daniel P. Stone Professorship in Intellectual and Moral Philosophy. Of her prestigious appointment, Professor Thomasson comments, "I aim to make use of this appointment to help develop my recent work into a book that reconceives of philosophy along these lines: as a tool for evaluating and transforming how we think and speak about the world. This approach also works well in motivating students to care about their work in philosophy. They will need to go on in their lives with some view of what counts as freedom, who counts as a person, what counts as right and wrong, and so on. In the classroom, we work together to think through what's at stake in making these different conceptual choices that shape our lives." Read more in the Dartmouth News Weekly.